The President of the United States likened lawmaking to sausage making. He said both processes were "ugly".
Sausage traditionally contains animal body parts popularly thought to be inedible. Federal Laws often contain clauses which are unpopular. The comparison stops there. Sausage is the product of human ingenuity, an attempt to make use of as much of the animal as possible. Native Americans would, no doubt, characterize sausage making as an attempt to Honor the animal that gave its life to provide sustenance to its executioner. By making use of the entire animal, the Native American did not defile the sacrifice of his prey by waste.
The creation of Federal Law, however, bears no resemblance to the sausage process other than both are "ugly" to watch. There is no attempt at Honor in public lawmaking: Bribes, Pork and egregious waste are every day events. The will of the People is openly and contemptuously ignored, while the special interests of the elitists currently "in power" are gluttonously fed. The garbage heap is piled high with the unattractive but useful notions that the People long to realize.
And here is the rub that We the People are slowly bringing into focus. Government Of the People, By the People and For the People isn't about leaders, power or money, it's about Honor, Integrity and Honesty. Attributes now sadly lacking in the entirety of the movers and shakers in U.S. Government. It's not a failure related to political party, but is endemic in our society and cannot be corrected simply by voting a "new" group into the seats of power. It requires a fundamental return to civility and personal integrity that has been absent our country and its leadership for many years.
Alternatively, the United States can fundamentally change its governance and accept dictatorship. Not an altogether bad choice if the dictator is wholly benevolent.