Reflections on a Ground Zero Mosque

We're facing a global growth and acceptance of Islam, much as folks first faced Judaism and then Christianity many years ago. If History is a reliable indicator, Muslims will face a similar "threat" in years to come.

But that begs the question of what AMERICA needs to do in the face of the Islamicization of the world. How do we create a path forward that both accepts the factually inevitable and preserves our uniquely American notion of Freedom?

The problem is compounded by the fact that some followers of Islam encourage the enemies of our way of life to be disingenuous or even lie about their true intentions. Consider this: if you were setting out to subvert a society, how would you do it? Don't you think that creating a general sense of mistrust would be one of your first goals? I think that the idea of martyrdom is a key element as well. The Viking Berserkers were terrible to meet in battle because they were taught that the only way to enter Valhalla was to be killed in pitched battle by a foe with equal fighting skills - they couldn't lose, they either killed you and confiscated all your stuff (including your wife) or they went to the Great Beer Hall In The Sky to get drunk and fornicate - such a deal. Something like Seventy Virgins.

Christian martyrs don't fight back - - we show by example that our God is one of Love and Brotherhood for ALL men. We are appalled by the notion that God would demand of us that we abuse, maim or murder those who have yet to get THE WORD. I suggest that it is useful to keep that notion in our forebrains. We must accept fellow American Muslims at face value and encourage them to participate fully in America's freedoms including the defense of them. If we do that, we may lose battles, but we will win the war because mankind cannot sustain itself any other way.

So here's the gospel according to St. Roger:

  • The worldwide spread of Islam is inevitable and unstoppable.
  • Mohammad was a student of Jesus - his basic beliefs were Judeo-Christian and his teachings were tailored to meet the needs of tribal societies in the Middle Eastern Desert. (i.e. Islam is an Abrahamic Religion.)
  • Nineteenth Century Islam is incongruent with the modern world.
  • Modern Muslims cannot and will not accept the limits of Salafi-inspired Sharia in the long term - it's counter productive socio-economically.
  • The evolution of worldwide Islam into twenty first century world society can be influenced by non-Muslims.

The wild card in all this is the International Banking Community. Presently influenced heavily by Wahhabis, this community has the power to create whatever world society they want. Does George Soros and/or the Rothschild empire see Islam as a threat to his/their global domination? Or do they see Islamicization as a tool to prevent the return of a Constitutional United States of America?

The entire issue may be much bigger than we imagine.