Beck's Lincoln Memorial Gathering

Well, the gathering has come and gone. The fourth estate seems to be having more than a little trouble finding fault with it, so they're ignoring it, mostly. Sharpton seems to have misguessed what would happen there, so is now busy attributing to Beck statements that to some might justify Sharpton's own performance at the different venue he chose to use. Had Sharpton joined Beck, the resulting crowd might have been even more spectacular, and Sharpton's uncanny  ability to unite Blacks and separate them from the rest of American society might have been saved for another day.
The reality is obvious to the most biased of observers:
Hundreds of thousands of common Americans, sans political signs and slogans, met with Beck to affirm their commitment to America. They were more interested in the restoration of honor than reparations. They were mostly quiet, mostly reverent and mostly folks like you and me - but Blacks stayed away in droves - so the Beck crowd was nearly all-nonblack.
A few thousand folks met with Sharpton to affirm their dissatisfactions and demand their just due. They marched noisily and with poitical posters. His audience was nearly all black.
It was a classic ideological vs political contrast. Beck took an ideological high ground seeking National Honor,Trust and a return of the Nation to God. He could have used Sharpton's help. Sharpton stayed on the muddy field of political innuendo and demand; Apparently, Trust and Honor couldn't have been further from his thoughts. Sad.