Call me a sap, but - -

 I have an ongoing complaint concerning people's tendency to make up their minds and then go in search of data that supports their biases.

I prefer to look at the data first and draw conclusions from what I see. These days I see things like:

Fox is drubbing ALL the other networks in the ratings. That means to me that people are going to Fox for their news. It seems that only the folks of my complaint (see above) find MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, etc. to their liking. I presume  because those news sources reinforce their predetermined biases.

O'Reilly has a larger audience than all the other cable channels COMBINED. Ditto Hannity. Beck's Saturday shindig topped out the hits on Google for most of the day. People like you and me are hungry for reality - - and we are in the MAJORITY.

Essentially all the polls (even the ones favoring the left) are reporting majority opinions more conservative than that of the administration.

For many years, the center of gravity of American Politics has been the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. Now even the New York Times is finding fault with the strategies of their champion liberal administration - - can the others be far behind?

States are rising in defiance of the Federal Government encroachments into states rights in large numbers (many in spite of the fact that their reigning governments are by most measures liberal).

Beck asked folks to pay their own way to an outdoor clam bake in the swamp for which he mysteriously forgot to publish the agenda  - - And more than 0.1% of the nations population showed up. And there were no ball-kickings or eye-gougings. And nobody shouted and cursed. And they cleaned up after themselves. I think that has eye-popping significance.

The Administration continues to suggest that the internet needs "control". Early on, the Administration attempted to exclude Fox from the White House Briefing Room. Even the most liberal "newsmen" saw the danger in that and blocked it.

Our nation was hijacked (their term) by a minority of extreme leftists many years ago. They have controlled the media and the education system. They have systematically moved the nation from a Republic to an Oligarchic Dictatorship. Though an extreme minority, they have been largely unopposed for most of my lifetime. However, today in the year 2010 they have s**t in their own hats.  They realize their choice of Obama for their champion was a huge mistake. He has wrenched the country too far left too fast. They figuratively unzipped their fly and showed the world who they really were. Now, in combined response to the Obamarama, the Tea Party Movement and Beck's Black Robe Brigade, they're in the process of clapping their own s**t-filled hats on their own heads.

I think Beck is pretty close to right when he says we have won. Look at the data: the far left opposition, finding no supportable ideological grounds on which to argue are simply and simplistically attacking the messengers. The classic strategy of bullies and losers.
We now MUST continue to seek HONOR in our government - - root out the career politicians and grafters and return our nation to a Republic guided by honorable men and women.