Are we that stupid?

The one word answer is yes.

But - -  the disingenuous leaders of our Federal Government have grown so contemptuous of the American Voter that their contempt is now biting them in the a**. The email "Are we that stupid?" is an example of Voters checking FACTS against the standard pap and drivel fed to them by their elected representatives.

It's a start, but it doesn't ask or answer the $64 question of WHY?  If the illegals are costing the taxpayer so much, why is the Government of the People so reluctant to do anything to change the status quo?

Which brings us to the gospel according to St. Regor (roger spelled backwards):

 It's about MONEY, stupid.

(We've already established that we voters are stupid.)

Let's start with the givens:

1. The Obamarama has repeatedly threatened industry with dire consequences if they are found to be employing illegals, all the while actively resisting attempts to control our borders. WHY?

2. Illegals (some 10 to 12 million of them) are actively, though illegally, employed in the US hospitality, food service, food processing, farm labor, transportation, health care and construction industries. WHY?


1. It is falling off a log simple to buy a SSN on the street in every major city in North America. It is falling off a log simple to obtain a valid driver's license in every major city in North America. (Read: is it stupidly simple for an illegal alien to "self document".)

2. Given the Administration's proscription of hiring illegals, it reasonably follows that industry (Read Armour Star, McDonalds, Hyatt, United Health Care, etc.) are hiring only those who fill out W2s and provide SSNs.  (The undocumented day-laborers we see hustling work on street corners are clearly in the minority.) The majority of the illegals have income tax, SS tax, etc withheld from their paychecks every payday. In addition, since they are employed in jobs that are unionized, many, if not most, are paying dues and benefits to the appropriate union.

Where does that money go? There is no legal way they can collect SS benefits (though the Ruling Elite continues to suggest that, contrary to good sense, some nefarious entity is trying to provide a method for them to do just that.) I suggest that that tax money is "found money" to Congress. They can spend it any way they like and the "taxpayers" have no way to prevent it.

Further, the money paid into the Unions, particularly the retirement benefits, is in the same category.

So we ask:

Why did Andy Stern, the president of SEIU, visit the White House 22 times in the first nine months of the current Adminstration? (In case you didn't know, Andy is purported to be one of the main authors of the "Health Care" bill.  SEIU contributed $65M to the Obama campaign.)

Why was this Administration "determined" to pass a "Health Care" bill? Why does the bill vilify the health insurance industry? Why does the bill ignore the voter's lament of high cost of health care, and instead simply restructures the payment method and add by coercion an insignificant 3 to 5 percent of the population to the list of insureds? Why were the unions exempted (along with Congress) from participating in the program? What labor groups benefit by increased jobs?

Who pays ten dollars an hour to the anti - Tea Party, anti - Arizona, anti - antiObama folks who demonstrate to intimidate those who oppose this Administration's agenda?

And finally, who got this Administration elected? (Who were the contributors of the 734 million dollars?) (That's right, the seat in the Oval Office cost nearly three quarters of a billion dollars this go-around - half again what their opponents spent, and they pulled out all the stops.)


The CtW group of Unions (Change to Win, a group that has bolted the AFL), principally the product of Andy Stern, is comprised of:

    * International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
    * Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA)
    * Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
    * United Farm Workers (UFW)
    * United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
    * United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

See a pattern?

And that line of questions doesn't even hint at the involvement of International Bankers.