Ad Hominem Attacks

On 8/22/2011 10:32 AM, Billy Clyde wrote:

I really really am mad and disgusted with our politics. Last Thursday (Aug 19) this FULL PAGE ad was published in the Austin Chronicle newspaper. Granted that paper is hyper liberal. But I do not care what your politics are ------ I think this ad is a new low.

I responded:

Billy Clyde, I'm pretty sure it doesn't help to get mad. The reality of this is that the political far left is running scared. Because they have never been able to support their political positions with ideas, data and rational arguments, they have always resorted Ad Hominem attacks to have their way.

I think we need to create and incessant drone* pointing out to everyone - even those who don't want to hear - that no one is perfect, there has never been a great leader who didn't have at least some warts, and that persons who kill the messenger are only demonstrating their childish inability to face the real issues at hand and present a compelling argument in favor of their positions.

*By this, I mean standing in the checkout line at Wally World and lamenting loudly the puerile tactics of impotent political rabble rousers who attack persons rather than ideas. - - - Often.


btw, I'm forwarding your email and my response to my personal mailing list and posting it on my website. This is too classic to let slip by.


If you're still reading down here - - - I think this ad is particularly ridiculous since two presidents back, it was conclusively proven in Federal Court that the American public couldn't care less that the POTUS was a lying whoremonger.

This pitiful attempt by activists in a far-left progressive college town only confirms that the lessons of history are not presented as an important part of political decision making in our education system. Consider: If someone tried this in Notrees, TX, they wouldn't get across the street with it. Shit-kicking, flat land, dirt farming, snake wrangling west Texans would see the irrationality of it in a New York minute. It only plays in a college town.

England would be in a world of hurt today if anyone had been concerned that Sir Winston Churchill was not infrequently found sloppy drunk in public, was in the habit of forgetting to don clothing when working (damn, that's a horrifying image!), and/or was - - perish the thought - - only a commoner!

Grant was a drunk.
Taft was fat.
Johnson was a racist.
Jefferson owned slaves.
Clinton has a curved dick.

So what?


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