About Me

Basically, I'm a techno-nerd with professional experience in electronics and marketing gained in "Silicon Forest", "Silicon Valley" and "Silicon Prairie".

Fourteen different men have occupied the oval office so far on my watch, half of them "War Presidents": The United states has has been engaged in all-out war during fully thirty percent of that time.

Our world has experienced a startling lurch in technology during that same span of years: life expectancies have increased dramatically, communications and transportation have seemed to shrink the globe to a manageable size and world class goods and services have become commonplace in all but the most stubbornly resistant communities.

While my grandparents and parents experienced hunger because there simply was no food to eat, my children and grandchildren have no concept of hunger or deprivation - they miss meals because there is nothing to eat that suits their palate, not because the larder is bare.

Yet we all clamor for peace and prosperity as if we really desired the one and were denied the other.

That thought brings us to the purpose of these "Rantings and Ravings". Can we set aside "sound bites" and "conventional wisdom" and simply seek the facts and the "why" of the peculiar machinations of our world in order to devise a remedial plan that we "know" strikes at the heart of the problem?

I propose to declare off-limits hissy-fits, spitting, eye gouging and dirt kicking. Feeling good about a subject doesn't count. Thinking through a subject and knowing it does.

If you're game for it - - come on in!

Roger Riis

btw, Riis rhymes with "geese".